Little Story time Peach By Louise

I was so sure that i wanted to breastfeed and so worried about complications that i visited my local Peer Support Group whilst 38 weeks pregnant. As a child i had issues with cows milk and dairy products and used to get very sick - so i was concerned about the lactose in my milk and wanted to get information and advice. I was so glad i did as i met a group of lovely women who all had slightly older children so were a wealth of knowledge not just on breastfeeding but also birth experiences, sleep deprivation, weaning and everything in between. 
I attended the Breastfeeding group from when Frankie was 6 days old and every week after that until my milk dried up, Frankie was almost 2 and i was 15 weeks pregnant. Neither of us were ready to stop breastfeeding and it was a rough couple of days when it happened but we both adjusted quickly. Later in the pregnancy i did get terrible aversion to her touching me too much so I'm sure i would have had feeding aversion had we carried on. 
Frankie was a very sleepy newborn and we syringe fed her for the first few days, when she did wake up and latch on i was over the moon. I had huge engorged breasts and she had a tiny little mouth, no tongue tie, but just a tiny mouth and we did struggle a bit. I have to say i did not ever experience what i could call pain, i had sleepless nights and headaches but no pain. 
I think it is really important that we share our experiences and we are honest, and that means the good as well as the bad. I LOVED breastfeeding from the very start. I loved the days and weeks of just sitting on the sofa feeding my tiny baby and just having time to look at her. I loved the fourth trimester, the skin to skin cuddles, the warm baths together daily and just drinking her in! I know that many new mums find the first few weeks hard going but for me it was the best bit. She was so small and so new and I just relished it all. And I'm so glad i did because at about a month old she started to suffer with silent reflux and colic and it all became very stressful. We would have long sessions of intense crying and there was nothing i could do to soothe her, she wanted to feed for comfort but that only made her tummy worse. I forced a dummy on her because it was the only way i could get a minute peace in a day. I cut all dairy out of my diet and started taking vitamins and cut out any spicy food, all alcohol and just tried to eat as cleanly as possible. This in turn made it really hard to cope with the sleepless nights and hard days because i was also denying myself the simple pleasures. I kept reminding myself that it would pass and she would grow out of it, and she did, and it was all forgotten BUT it was hard work, and it broke my heart to see her struggle. Through it all i was so grateful to be breastfeeding and to be able to offer her the comfort she needed. 
We are now on week 4 with a newborn and a toddler and this second breastfeeding journey is off to a great start...although we do seem to have similar tummy issues to the first time, but we are taking it in our stride. Life with 2 is hard and finding the time to give him the attention that i so happily gave her is difficult to say the least. In 23 days i think he has had 4 baths, only one of which was with me. Alfie was a great feeder from the very start and he has gained weight so quickly and easily, he is a hungry little boy and it is so great to be able to just feed him any time and any place, the convenience of breastfeeding really comes into play with number 2!
I am incredibly tired but getting far more sleep this time than the first time round! Frankie has never been a good sleeper, she still wakes a few times a night. I miss being able to feed her back to sleep. We co-slept until she wanted her own space, and now that baby Alfie is here she is often in my bed by midnight. She has not asked to breastfeed and i must admit part of me is a little disappointed!