Little Sunday story time by Katharina P

Well...if you would have told me before I got pregnant that one day I would be breastfeeding an 4.5 year old I would have called you crazy!

I have never in my whole life seen a family member or anyone else breastfeeding in public/when I was around. I myself wasn’t breastfed (born in 1978 my mother was told there are bottles you don’t need to ...), my sister (born in 1986 wasn’t breastfed either). My first encounter with a BFing mum was at my work, when I came around a storage rack in the shop and saw an about 3 year old boy, carried by his mother lifting his mothers shirt and drank...Honestly I was shocked...

A few years forward I became a mom. 

I had a rough start with my girl, following an unexpected cesarean, but our BF story couldn’t have had a better start! Sure the first days were really hard... I had to pump a bit as the nurses thought my daughter didn’t get enough - the night nurse even said: with your big nipples she will never be able to drink & fed her some spoons of pre...

BUT then two very very good BF nurses came, my milk came in and my girl started being in milk „comas“ which was such an great thing to experience! I was able to feed my baby and she was in milky dreamland afterwards! Sure - the first weeks were soooo hard...getting out of bed every few hours to sit in the nursing chair feeding my crying girl, finding a comfortable position, being afraid of dropping this tiny human...but we made it and she grew!

Around 6 months we started solid foods for the first time...purées...she hated it...we stopped for a few weeks. Then started new...she still hated it & I began what I had read about during pregnancy: BLW...and never looked back! She didn’t really eat much til a few months after her first birthday so we continued our BF journey because it felt right! And although she ate a bit more and more milk was still so important! We taught her the sign for milk and I loved that she could sign it!

(that would stay the only sign though! (((;)

I learned to BF in the lying position very late - that would have made the first months so much easier but no one showed me... 

Today my girl usually calls for mama milk first thing in the morning. 

She goes to a forest kindergarten and the first year or so most afternoons she was tired and as we BF i could bring her to sleep a bit to prevent meltdowns later... and it also was her night routine to get her to lie down - because I have a girl that would probably never lie down to sleep or admit she’s tired... 

now that she doesn’t sleep in the afternoon anymore it usually needs nothing more than holding her tight in my arms to fall asleep but every now and then she asks for Mama milk and after suckling for a few sips she’s off to dreamland! 

I love what she says about her milk!

She says she’s not stopping...HA! We‘ll see ... Yesterday she asked: can i really drink until I want no more and I replied: yes - if I’m okay with it as well (;

I never had real problems...i was really relaxed after the first weeks, because we made it - it worked...

I once had a clogged canal but after a bit of milk drinking gymnastics ((; it was gone. 

The second challenge - where I was so glad I was following little 🍑 London - was when my girl had her first gastro when she was 3.5 - i was barely eating myself - and my girl told me there was no milk coming...I was shocked and so sad for her...vomiting and then not having her milk... after a few tips and patience it came back & she was so happy!

But as a normal time BF mom i can now say that BF now is sensible to my mood - if we had a tantrum just before nighttime feeding there have been days when no milk came but we now know that we just have to keep nursing and she will come back (;