Little Sunday story time by Mary

Tandum feeding and how I never thought we would make it 

In Dec 2017 our baby girl was born via emergency c section. As soon as I was out of recovery we worked on getting her latched. I was in agony. Something didn’t quite feel right, the lactation Consultant recommended nipple shields because my nipples were flat. It helped a little but the pain was still there. My milk came in on day 3 and baby was feeding great, we all went home and that’s were our journey began. 

I’ve never done something so truly beautiful and yet so difficult.

Christmas Day and she was 3 weeks old. I cried to my husband, thinking I’m not sure I can do this, I’m in pain and I’m exhausted, I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think it was around this time that I found little peach 🍑 and thank goodness for that.

I learnt so much, the latch was all wrong, once I fixed that we enjoyed experimenting with different positions, I had complete confidence nursing in public, she gained an incredible amount of weight and we marveled in hours and hours of cuddles.

Fast forward to her turning 6 months. The dreaded day had come for me to return back to work. I sobbed my heart out and hoped things would be ok. I went into auto pilot, pumping at work to produce enough milk to give her bottles at nursery.

At this point we are already thinking about growing our family. 2 months later we were lucky enough to fall pregnant, I immediately panicked about my supply dropping but since she was 8 months and also eating food I thought we would be ok.

I got very sick when she was 10 months old with salmonella poisoning and she had influenza A around the same time. My pregnancy was taking its tole and I decided to stop pumping, I had to get my self fit and healthy. So we relied on my freezer stash to send to nursery and that got us through another few months. I felt at that point it was time to supplement. I had a rough pregnancy and I weren’t pumping so we started sending formula to nursery and breastfed when we were together. 

Fast forward again to her being 16m old, she’s now started self weaning, so I took tones of photos Incase that happened to be our last feed. Then on May 12th 2019 Her baby brother was born, she was still nursing on her terms, sometimes just once a day sometimes more. She was the boss :) 

The birth of our son was very traumatic. Because there was only a 17 month gap there was a worry my uterus could rupture if I went into labour so we planned in a scheduled section.

The second my doctor made the incision she pooped her head over the curtain to tell me the devastating news that my Uterus had indeed ruptured. Both of our lives were in danger, they forcefully got the baby out as quick as possible and then worked on repairing me. Baby was whisked away and I was left shocked and confused. The operation and recovery took a lot longer than your regular c section and all I kept thinking was is my baby ok. 

Apparently they brought him to me and he latched straight away but sadly I have no recollection of that moment. 

Luckily for us my milk came in just 6 hours after the op, and of course I was already lactating to feed our daughter, he was a very happy full baby!! 

We were discharged 3 days later and I was recovering well. He was feeding fantastically and my daughter every now and then. 

Sadly 5 days pp I was admitted into ICU with Eclampsia. I cried my eyes out and begged them to let the baby stay with me. I was extremely sick but they allowed it so long as my husband stayed to take care of the baby. 

I spent the next 24 hours feeding but feeling very sick indeed. Then the doctor told me my condition had worsened and they had to give me different Intravenous medicine that meant I couldn’t nurse. 

I was so so upset but went into auto pilot and for 36 hours we supplemented and I pumped 8 times, dumping a total of 47 ounces, which was heart breaking but necessary. 

So when I was feeling a little better and off the meds it was time to feed again. Luckily he returned to breast feeding beautifully and without any resistance.

After a week in ICU we finally got home and something beautiful happened. I was feeding my newborn son and my 17m old daughter came and asked to feed too. I cried in that moment as I realized we can put all of that behind us now because our new journey is just beginning ❤️