Little Sunday Story time by Megan

With my first I was adamant i wanted to forward to horrible labour-emergency son took a while to get to birth weight, so I was put under pressure to top up with formula. I was a young first time mum and I buckled and topped him up, this then lead to mastitis with absesses and our journey ended at 12 weeks, we combi fed from 5 weeks.
So second time round while pregnant i was quite clear that I would try to breastfeed but that I wouldn't beat myself if I couldn't. 
So when my daughter arrived, I tried feeding her, she wouldn't latch within the first hour. 
She had 90% tongue tie which was cut at 2 weeks old. 
She was also jaundice, just below treatment line but meant she was very drowsy.  
We struggled with latch for weeks as she wouldn't open mouth wide enough, So there was a milk transfer issue.  She fed and fed and fed but only gaining around 50-100g a week. She took 9 weeks to get to birth weight. I had every health professional on at me to change to formula or top up, understandably I had reservations due to previous mastitis and absesses. 
My daughter was developing well all be it small!  We got to 16 weeks and we got referred to a paeditrician.  Paediatrican blamed my anxiety in relation to mastitis in my reluctance to top up my daughter with formula. 
We were then admitted to hospital where we saw the infant feeding team who were very helpful but the paedtiricians just wanted me to switch to formula.  Every test was done, all came back normal. My daughter refused Bottles so the drs insisted on a NG tube.  So my daughter had an NG for around 7 weeks which she had top ups 6 x a day using donor breast milk. 
During this time I had been researching milk supply and I was very sure my supply had taken a beating due to tongue tie and ineffective feeding. So I finally found a dr who would prescribe me domperidone.  Once I finally did, it took around 4 weeks for me to fully notice a difference. So this all happened around 3-4 month mark. 
So although the odds have been stacked against us, I have been more determined then ever to continue breastfeeding. 
So we are now at 7.5 months and breastfeeding like champions!! No NG tube, gone from below 0.4 centile to 2nd since domperidone started!! 
So a really hard journey so far but so worth it! I'm so glad I haven't given up.