Little Sunday story time by Nicole

I knew I wanted to breastfeed and saw an amazing lactation consultant prenatally so I could be as prepared as possible & spent the last few weeks before his birth harvesting colostrum, which I was so glad I did.

My son didn’t come into this world quite as planned, two weeks over, induced, hyper stimulation, long labour and emergency c section and he was finally here but I was exhausted and disappointed with my labour experience.

The first couple of days went well, he latched and although my nipples were horrendously sore I felt like we were getting it. But by day 5 I knew something wasn’t quite right, my milk hadn’t come in and my son was screaming.

We took him to the doctors as I was convinced he was dehydrated and he was. He’d lost 16% of his body weight, we were sent to hospital and he was put on a supplementary feeding plan. I was devastated, I thought this was the end of my journey and I wouldn’t be able to exclusively breast feed.

But thanks to the support of my lactation consultant, who I now think of as an angel & my incredible husband we spent 10 days, feeding, topping up, pumping and taking medication (domperidon) to help milk production & eventually he was on the boob 100%.

In the mean time with all this going on, I felt unwell. I had put it down to the c section but I was still in a lot of pain. After seeing a midwife they sent me back to the labour ward with suspected retained placenta. I was examined, poked and prodded and told that yes I did have retained placenta but it would pass on its own & sent away with antibiotics.

Unfortunately, it didn’t pass on its own and 6 weeks later, I was still in pain, bleeding really heavily and begging someone to listen to me. I told midwives, health visitors, the doctor.

Eventually my husband forced me to go to A&E and after a long day of more poking and prodding we discovered I still had remaining placenta and was sent for an operation two days later. The operation was a game changer, I came out and for the first time ever my boobs felt full! We think my milk never came in fully because of the retained product.

I then was prescribed donperidon again and kept up pumping 3-4 times a day with feeding to really establish my supply.

My son is now nearly 7 months old and we are still boobing everyday.

My advice... get support, my beautiful lactation consultant Juilenne has truly been my saviour. And, if you think somethings wrong it probably is, so keep telling people until they listen.