Little Sunday story time by Rose

I breastfed my daughter for a year with no real issues so I knew when I became pregnant with my son that I would like to breastfeed him too. Unfortunately things weren't so straight forward with him, I had a terrible pregnancy which resulted in my son being born prematurely at 27 weeks. He was born via emergency c-cection under general anesthetic. I was very unwell and I didn't see my son for 14 hours where I could touch my tiny 3lb boy through the doors of the incubator, in intensive care. Over a week later I could finally hold my boy. I expressed every two hours and the nurses tube fed him tiny amounts of breastmilk. I could hold my boy once a day if he was stable. I spoke to the nurses about the possibility of breastfeeding and most said that most mums end up bottle feeding as premature babies get too tired and it is difficult to get a good latch with oxygen and feeding tubes in the way. Despite his medical issues I still had a strong desire to feed my son. At 31 weeks gestation I noticed my boy routing, I put him to the breast and to the nurses surprise he latched on and attempted to feed. It wasn't for long and he didn't have a perfect latch but my tiny boy was learning what to do, I did this every day until finally he was needing less and less tube feeds, fast forward to now, 70 days in Nicu and my boy is home on oxygen exclusively breastfeeding with him ganing weight really well. I am so pleased that I had faith in my body and my baby and I persisted, overcoming many hurdles to give my son the best start.