Little Sunday Story time Jana

When I had my daughter, some relative that I consider very dear to me, my mum, would sometimes take over to feed my daughter some pumped breast milk at night because I admittedly struggled with the lack of sleep as she’s always been a baby of high needs. However, I quite often felt a strange sort of ‘ashamed’ because both she and my husband seemed to be disgusted with the pumped milk I gave them. “Can’t you feed her some formula? That’d be a lot easier.” Easier? Do you mean “cleaner” as it was chemically processed into something not as ‘smudgy’ as breast milk? Once I took the opportunity to talk to my mum about it, she admitted that she did not really like the thought of ‘that milk’ because she felt weird about it. But why? It’s not as if I had forced her to drink it, I had only asked her to feed my daughter with the milk my body had produced just for her. Also, every time my daughter, or my son now, burps with added curdled breast milk, they all seem so disgusted immediately. I’m not feeding my son any formula as luckily we’re going strong on the breastfeeding game, but with my first one and our pure breastfeeding chaos (whole different story), I would occasionally use it and they would of course not mind at all if something came up again when it surely was formula filled. When I first gave in to my mum feeding her formula, she was more than happy and told me that this was a lot more comfortable for her. Why though?! Why is it that milk which is not designed for our species, seen as something superior to breast milk? I think every species and their characteristic milk is pure magic. As for most types of formula, we use cow‘s milk. It comes in the form of powder which had undergone a lot of processes to feed our babies. We add water to it, to make it a fluid again, desperate for those approx 37 degrees (body temperature).  Prior to formula existing, who would have taken over and fed another‘s baby if, for whatever reason, their mum could not breastfeed them? Indeed, other women. I bet they did not care about the fact that breast milk, indeed, can be very sticky. We would not have made it to today if we had not had these wet-nurses. So to all of you who had been made feeling weird about their milk in a bottle - I feel you and we should not let them do so! Appreciate that you can boob around the clock and give your baby the best possible start to life, with a special drink designed entirely for them. It’s unique, it’s the cleanest it can be and there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it.