Little Sunday Story-time Peach by Amanda

Today's story time is by Amanda . You can connect with her via instagram under @a_medrano

“As a first time mom , I was told so many things about breastfeeding do’s & dont’s by doctors,friends, and family . My daughter came out a healthy 8lbs 2oz and instantly latched on. She had even regained all her birth weight by her one week check up with her new pediatrician. After that first week though, she began spitting up after every feeding. I turned to her pediatrician who I assumed should have an answer . He told me I was “over feeding her.” Impossible, I thought. From what I kew breastfed babies were to eat on demand and unlimitedly. I began to doubt myself & everything I knew after another 2 week check up with the doctor as he told me the spitting up was “not normal” and that I should be “very concerned.” He had me changing her feedings by telling things like I need to be timing her feedings, cutting back, & even extending time in between feedings. The list goes on. Ultimately by her third week of life , this pediatrician had us go to a well known children’s hospital in the area in a complete panic and there we were reassured that her spitting up was in fact normal and because she continued to gain weight it was not a cause for concern. After seeing my poor baby suffer through X-Rays, blood work, and an ultrasound the doctors at this children’s hospital advised us to immediately switch pediatrician and for me to continue doing what I was doing . What did suffer after all of this was my milk supply and my daughter . It took about two weeks to get my supply back up and actually fill my daughters tummy up at a feeding . My advice to all mothers out there is to never ignore your gut feeling . If something feels wrong always get a second opinion and search for answers as much as you can until you get what you feel is right . All breastfed babies are different and not everything works for each baby. My daughter is now 6 months old, has been exclusively breastfed her whole life and is weighing in at a healthy 20 pounds . Her spitting up has nearly decreased overall and I will continue to breastfed on demand for as long as I can .”