Little Sunday Story Time Peach by Emily

When I fell pregnant with my first I knew I really wanted to breastfeed. I hadn’t really thought about
how I’d feel if I couldn’t as I knew I really wanted to. I spoke with my midwife and attended NCT
classes which really promoted breastfeeding. Luckily when my first was born he latched on straight
away. This is easy I thought. Once I was home and 3 days in he fed from 11pm until 4am when I
woke my partner up to take him away. This was the day my milk came in hence the feeding all night
long. For the next few days my nipples were so sore when he latched on, it hurt so much I can
remember biting down on my hand. Within a few days it had past and I was really enjoying feeding
him. Day 10 arrived and he got weighed, he’d lost 10% of his birth weight so the midwife said I
needed to top him up with formula. I didn’t want to do this as I wanted to exclusively breastfeed, I
spent the next 2 days crying. They came to weigh him again and weren’t happy that I hadn’t topped
him up with formula, I’d tried expressing and topping him up with that, They told me if he wasn’t
topped up with formula he would end up in hospital. As a first time mum I “did as I was told,” and
topped him up. Once he retured to his birth weight I stopped the formula feeds and began soley
breastfeeding again. At 3 weeks old I was finding that he was really hard to settle at night and was
constantly bringing his legs up. He would also feed on one breast and poo (green poo) before
feeding on the other side and pooing again. Several visits to the GP and he was diagnosed with cows
milk protein intolerance and was prescribed some special formula. After a few days he was like a
different baby. I did some research and discovered I could continue breastfeeding if I gave up dairy
however it takes 2 weeks to leave your body. For 2 long weeks I pumped my milk and poured it
down the sink in order to keep up my supple. I was determined to continue feeding, I really loved
feeding him and felt that our feeding journey had only just begun. After 2 weeks I returned to
feeding him, still giving him the odd bottle of formula. I remaind dairy free for 8 months until I
returned to work full time and made the decision to stop.
18 months later I gave birth to my second baby boy, again he latched on straight away. During my
stay in hospital I had several chats with the breastfeeding support worker where she checked my
latch and assured me we were doing it right. I was discharged at 6pm and by 1am I was on the
phone to them crying. My baby wouldn’t latch on and was screaming, I was told that he’ll latch
when hes hungry. It was a long night. Luckily I managed to speak to my community mideife first
thing the next day and she requested an early home visit. The midwife came and supported me with
my latch and position. My nipples were sore for a while and we have had days/nights where it felt
like he fed for ages. He didn’t lose much birth weight but took a while to return to his birth weight
due to reflux. Hes 9 months old now and we’re still breastfeeding. Since starting weaning he only
has 3 feeds a day, morning, morning nap and evening. He does however wake every 2 hours for a
feed. Des[ite the lack of sleep I am loving every minute of it and have no plans to stop anytime soon.