Little Sunday Story Time Peach by Irmina

Since 7 years ago, breastfeeding makes part of my daily life. Breastfeeding on demand, prolonged breastfeeding, breastfeeding in tandem. They all came naturally and in response to the needs of my children that I slowly learned to decipher. I confess that the last, until recently, was not my choice, it simply happened. At first, I was tabula rasa. There was only a will and, step by step, a discovery of the practicality. But I was not warned about the pain caused by a wrong latch, milk cobblestones or despairing moments when milk seems to be insufficient. I carried a lot of prejudice in my head, and an immense insecurity ruled my steps. I had no idea of the number of pitches I would hear along this milky way and I could not even imagine for how many women trying and not being able to breastfeed was a painful affair. This world opened up gradually and with it grew self-confidence and understanding of the other.

Nowadays, breastfeeding is for me a vital issue for the body and soul of my little ones. I believe that because it is natural, the act does not need nor should not be glamorized or used to differentiate the mothers. The daily difficulties we encounter in this liquid journey should not be a secret, but it is important to remember that the process is difficult and often painful because of all the social dynamics we have arrived to in the XXI century: excessive workload, inadequate maternity leave, lack of the supporting networks, social devaluation of the act of breastfeeding, hygiene of the care, maternal solitude, among others. When we isolate all of this and focus on the beauty of the act, free of physical and emotional stress, we achieve the fullness of what the breastfeeding experience really deserves.

This photo (number1) was taken 2 days after I gave birth to my third daughter. The presence of my second child that still sucking and the placenta that had not yet come off is a gift and not a problem.