Little Sunday story time peach by Katarina

My baby boy will be one year old soon.
We are breastfeeding and still will be until we see fit and comfortable for both of us, i personally love it and I realize now it’s more about other stuff than just feeding as he eats solids quite ok.
Now he learned milk from mummy is from boobies and when he wants some he crawls up on me and start massaging the upper breast muscles (like if he knew what to do to stimulate milk!) and then he points on them and talk about them (“tetetete”)
But my birth experience wasn’t as I planned or hoped or was prepared in the course, as they spoke only about natural physiologic birth when nothing goes wrong and I wish they had agreed to explain me what could happen and what To expect cos I would have been a bit more prepared and at least my husband could have had skin to skin bonding himself 
As I had 3 nights and 3 days in a row contractions of 10 min apart and ...the Day D I was exhausted and I was told my contractions were ineffective plus baby heart rate was going down a lot (which I believe was caused that I let them make me lie on the bed and that was very uncomfortable for both of us)
Well, in the end I had emergency c section but very emergency as they said there was no time to put anesthesia only for half a body so I was out completely 
No bonding no first look no naked baby on me 
I was put on intensive care after birth and could not move much for 12 hrs
They brought me my baby 2hrs from birth to latch on, at least that :) he was so beautiful, was hard to believe it’s my baby in front of me.
Next I saw him was in 9 hours, in the morning to latch again. 
But I have to say I was opened to try everything and was positive to breastfeed and wanted to do it and was putting him to latch often 
And even one night at the hospital he was on me feeding whole night which was not so great for me but then again great for me and baby as he really started the colostrum flow.
I consider that I did not have any issues breastfeeding once we learned how to do it (except full breasts and pacifier issue - threw away pacifier and the following feeding was immediately fine - nipple accepted again)
I’m happy he is healthy, I’m healthy, I healed and if I was to choose a great birth but not being able to breastfeed then I go for a section  and breastfeeding! 
I’m grateful to my body to have created a new wonderful person and nurse him till this day and gone back to almost pre pregnancy shape. 
But it took me time to have come in piece at least 95% with the birth experience and be grateful for exact way how it happened. 
Back then I just wanted to talk to somebody and be heard and understood. Year after not too late ;)