Little Sunday Story Time Peach by Nicole

I had heard all the horror stories about cracked nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis, bleeding nipples, no sleep, people reacting negatively to breastfeeding and a friend had a baby who turned blue and passed out when he breastfed! 

So, after all that I was scared about breastfeeding and 90% certain I would formula feed. The only reason I attempted it was I had been told about the benefits of even just a bit of colostrum and my mother was really pushing boobing so I felt I did have to give it a go, however hubby and I had discussed that if it was hard in any way, we would formula feed. I had bottles, a steriliser, bottle warmer etc ready. 

It looked originally like breastfeeding but wasn’t going to work as my little Peanut didn’t want to feed and objected greatly to being woken up for feeds. She dropped 11oz down to 6lbs and became jaundiced so we were re-admitted to hospital when she was 36hours old. At that point, we bought bottles, a steriliser, bottle warmer etc so that I could begin formula feeding when we left hospital. I felt I would be judged negatively if I formula fed in hospital so didn’t dare! 

3 days after she was born, my milk came in and Peanut loved it and couldn’t get enough of it! She was feeding every 2 hours, for 30-40mins at a time! By the time she was 7 days old, Peanut’s jaundice was low enough of to be properly discharged again as long as I kept up the 2-hourly feeds, which I did for 6 weeks. Peanut went from the 9th to the 25th centile and I was confident feeding her in public - including at the Safari Park! 

It was so easy as well, my milk was always ready, always at the right temperature and I didn’t have to get out of bed for the night feeds. I love the bond we have and how boobs fix everything!