Little Sunday story time written by Anna

My breastfeeding journey was intense. After a horrible HG pregnancy i had an insanely quick delivery and when they plopped her onto my chest i didn‘t feel any overwhelming joy everyone told me i would have. Every Midwife or Nurse at the hospital told me her latch is perfect but my nippled were bleeding. I was dreading every feed. The hospital has the badge of being a „breastfeeding friendly“ hospital so they didnt want to see any pacifiers, either. She doesnt take one to this day (14 months). After day two at the hospital they handed me a nipple shield, i was crying because it finally worked, and i didnt have that much pain. I didnt sleep for three days after the delivery so i felt all kinds of messed up. The judgement the nurses had was insane. I wanted to pull through, though. My midwife tried to talk me into getting rid of the shield again. I cried for 2 weeks everytime she latched on. At a baby check up (my mum
came along because husband was at work) i broke down sobbing,
and the doc ask whats up- i told her how much shit i got for the nipple shield. She was shocked, and asked me „so what do women with flat nipples do? Let their babies die because a nurse is a dick?“ and it clicked. Everytime
my midwife tried to ask me to not use it again i shut it down, she was lovely and helpful otherwise though. At three months a friend from instagram told me to try again without a shield, just because. And she latched on PERFECTLY. Feeding times were cut immediatly, from 20 mins with shield to 5 minutes. I would NEVER EVER let anyone bully me into hurting my nipples so bad again. Oh, and we are still nursing. ♥️