Little Sunday story time written by Holly

After not having the ‘positive birth’ story I had planned for all through my pregnancy, I thought I’d write about my positive boob experience. I have now realised that my daughters birth was actually pretty dam amazing because I now have my beautiful baby girl and I wouldn’t change a thing now. 
At 37 weeks I went in to be monitored as I hadn’t felt baby jiggle around for a while, looking back i know it was because my anxiety was getting the better of me the closer I came to our due date. The doctor had a feel of my tummy and sent us for a scan, baby was breech so after a unsuccessful ecv, a date was booked in for 10 days time to give birth to our daughter via c section. I was broken. I was devastated and felt that my body had completely failed me despite the fact that I had grown a healthy baby and we were both fine. But I had to grieve the loss of my dream birth. 
Walking into that operating theatre has got to be the biggest moment of my life. Not only was it my first surgical procedure so unsurprisingly I was filled with nerves but I was incredibly excited because I knew I was so close to meeting my baby girl. 
Unfortunately when baby was delivered she needed the assistance of the doctors and she was taken out of the room to NNU. I then had to go under local anaesthetic so they could finish the procedure safely. I knew this meant that I couldn’t follow my baby and it wasn’t until hours after that I could meet her. 
When she was taken off the tubes to force fluid from her lungs and put on me for the first time, the whole world changed. One nurse was insistent that baby mustn’t feed as it was too soon. But baby had other plans. She did the army crawl from my tummy to my boob and latched on straight away. The nurses were amazed. It’s something they had read about but never seen first hand. I had midwifes come to me in our room and say “you’re THAT lady”. Yes I was!! 
Baby was brought up to me the next day as all her readings had improved significantly since she had fed. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for my magic milk she wouldn’t have recovered as quickly as she did. 
We are now 12 weeks in and I absolutely love feeding her. Breastfeeding was never a priority before she came as I didn’t want to put pressure on myself in case it wasn’t as straight forward as it has been. We’ve been incredibly lucky, we’ve experienced no problems along the way so far and I’ll keep going for as long as she wants. 
I now think my body is pretty bloody incredible. Every 1lb she puts on is because of me and my boobs. The way she looks at me fills me with indescribable love for my girl. 
Here is my all time favourite photo of me and my little baby. 
I really am grateful for you dedication to spreading positivity and information about feeding, you are amazing! 
Have a great day 
Holly and Baby Freya