Little Sunday Storytime Peach by Anna


"Breastfeeding has been one of the hardest yet beautiful things I have ever experienced. 


When my little girl was born, I never ever imagined breastfeeding would be hard. You just think it’ll work and be natural straight away. For us that wasn’t the case, my little one had a very lazy latch which resulted in her wearing down half of my nipple! I would cry every time I put her on to feed and had the worst panic attacks when it came to feeding time. To top it off she only fed from one side, no matter what I did. As you can imagine that made it a lot harder to feed her as I was so sore but had no let up. I remember feeling so alone, I’d sit and cry at night, totally and utterly exhausted...but holding on to the hope that tomorrow may be the day she finally latched on properly and the pain would go. 


That day eventually came around 13weeks into feeding. I was still sore but started to heal, and that’s when the experience of feeding completely changed. Yes I still had very little sleep, yes I still cried at times but I realised through all of those tears and pain in the beginning that my baby and I had created the most amazing bond. Words just can’t describe it. I am so glad I persevered as I love the little smiles she’ll give me whilst feeding, the way that I can console her like no one else can and how she’ll climb up on my lap and tap my chest asking for milk. 


Throughout our time feeding we’ve still had ups and downs but we are 15 months into feeding now and every day has gotten easier. 


Some health visitors and breast feeding support workers said I wouldn’t be able to do it, feeding from one side...oh how we proved them wrong!
P.s. - I know what you're thinking and yes one boob looks like a watermelon and the other a grapefruit"

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