Milk Making Text Support

Milk Making Text Support

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These all NEW MILK MAKING TEXTING SUPPORT SESSIONS are the perfect opportunity to access professional IBCLC support at a convenient time for you as they offer support at any time of your choosing to make it through the first few days of breastfeeding or other new curve balls that milk making may throw at you. The convenience to have an IBCLC that can help during he first few days of milk making, bottle feeding, pumping, weaning , weaning onto solids, milk making trouble shooting and more can make all the difference to your journey and the confidence that goes into milk making.

The sessions come in various time slots such as 

  • 1 day (24hrs) support 
  • 2 days (48hrs) support 
  • 3days (72hrs) support 
  • 1 week support 

And these sessions include :

  • professional text messaging support to answer all your questions at a time of your choosing 
  • check in texts from IBCLC morning, midday and evening 
  • emotional and practical support through any problems questions or insecurities you may have 
  • assessment of videos or pictures 
  • Professional video tutorials and infographics 
  • late night hour support 

All  texting support sessions  are done via IMessages  or WhatsApp and provide the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions as well as do some milk-making  troubleshooting.

These sessions are great to :

  • help observe positioning, latch and provide demonstrations for latch and positioning improvement
  • do any trouble shooting if there is pain or soreness during nursing or pumping
  • provide information about the right fitting  flange, and pump settings as well as pumping tips for an effective pumping session
  • discuss possible causes if there are weight gain implications 
  • discuss worries or questions you may have about topics like introducing the bottle, breastfeeding friendly bottle feeding and paced bottle feeding, going back to work, teething, biting, sleep, pumping, storing milk, etc.
  • provide antenatal breastfeeding education 
  • offer support and reassurance about ANY milk-making topics 

 To get started simply purchase the time frame suitable for your needs and leave your number in the check outvoted so we can get started right away.