Liquid love baby square swaddle blanket
Swaddle blanket baby square
Swaddle blanket baby square
Liquid Love Baby Square
Liquid Love Baby Square

Liquid Love Baby Square

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These ‘Liquid Love’ Baby Squares are made of 100% Bamboo fabric and measures 120cm x 120cm 

Using 100% bamboo fabric  not only makes them incredibly soft and moisture absorbent but also sustainable as bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics available.


They can  be used as nursing covers, burp cloths, swaddling blanket , playtime blankets,changing mat covers and so much more.They're extra-large and super soft, so they can handle any task without irritating baby's delicate skin.



Care Instructions :

 Machine wash on low temperatures.

Do NOT tumble dry.

Avoid using liquid fabric softener , bleach or else as it can impact the integrity of the absorbency.




Please swaddle cautiously and read my post on swaddling and breastfeeding HERE.