Antenatal Milk-Making Preparation Workshop

Milk-Making Support

Come and join me on Wednesday 7th of July  from 10:00-11:00am GMT via Zoom meeting. This workshop provides a great preparation  for all my bumpilicious people.

Regardless if this is your first or fifth baby it’s a great preparation  workshop for your upcoming milk-making journey.

These sessions are great to :

  • Teach you the concept of latch and attachment.
  • Learn about the first few days and what to expect .
  • understand the key to milk-making success after birth and belly births 
  • How to understand normal newborn feeding behaviours .
  • How to gain confidence  in your milk-making ability 
  • Offer the opportunity to ask questions about milk-making 

Before each workshop :

You will receive the zoom meeting link and login code so you can join for the workshop