Combination Feeding Workshop

Milk-Making Support

Come and join me  for this 1hr workshop on combination feeding.

As an IBCLC I want to support all infant feeding choices and help find ways that work for your unique family settings. Combination feeding set ups often come with a lack of resources and support, which is why I have written this unique workshop.

This workshop answers all your questions on combination feeding, how to safely bottle feed, how to avoid the “top up trap”, how to continue a steady milk production whilst combination feeding, when and how to find a routine that doesn’t undermine your milk production and much, how to safely prepare and store formula and much more.

This workshop is to provide an insight into routines that will work for your unique family settings, it is NOT to promote formula or formula feeding companies but to provide a source of education on ALL aspects of infant feeding.


The workshop includes:

  • introducing the bottle
  • safe bottle feeding practices 
  • preparing and storing formula or pumped milk
  • finding a routine that doesn’t undermine milk production 
  • understanding the basics of combination feeding 
  • temporary combination feeding set ups 
  • avoiding the top up trap 
  • Q&A 

Before each workshop :

You will receive the zoom meeting link and login code so you can join the workshop

After each each workshop: 

You will receive the recorded version of the zoom meeting as well as the presentation.