Online Consultations

Milk-Making Support

30 minutes online consultation 

All online consultations are done via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp video call and provides the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions as well as do some milk-making  troubleshooting.

These sessions are great to :

  • help observe positioning, latch and provide demonstrations for latch and positioning improvement
  • do any trouble shooting if there is pain or soreness during nursing or pumping
  • provide information about the right fitting  flange, and pump settings as well as pumping tips for an effective pumping session
  • discuss possible causes if there are weight gain implications 
  • discuss worries or questions you may have about topics like introducing the bottle, breastfeeding friendly bottle feeding and paced bottle feeding, going back to work, teething, biting, sleep, pumping, storing milk, etc.
  • provide antenatal breastfeeding education 
  • offer support and reassurance about ANY milk-making topics 

Before each consultation :

Please fill out the required fields in the online booking form.This will provide a quick overview of your history and journey up until now, as well as topics you would like to cover in our online consultation. It is also a great idea to film some boobing/pumping sessions that show the problem you are facing and email it to me to observe before our session ( ask your partner if you need help with this) 
This gives the opportunity to use the online consultation to the full extent and allows me to prepare information and infographics personalised to you.

After each consultation:

I will provide you with a plan of action as well as tips, tricks and visuals of techniques you can try. 

I also offer a concession rate should you want to book in multiple sessions. For example antenatal support and postnatal support. Please get in touch via the contact page to discuss this further.