Introducing Solids

Milk-Making Support

Come and join me on Wednesday   the 27th  of April   from 19:00-20:00 GMT via Zoom meeting.
This workshop provides an in depth perspective on introducing solids.


These sessions are great to :

    • understanding readiness for solids 
    • spoon feeding/ baby led weaning / combination of both 
    • integrating breastfeeding into introducing solids
    • What? When ? Where and How?
    • water and other drinks 
    • Troubleshooting - when there is little interested in solids, when breastfeeds are dropped too fast, gagging, and food safety 
    • Q&A


    Come and join me for this 60minutes workshop and learn  everything you need to know about introducing solids, how to do it safely and how to keep this new infant feeding chapter as exciting as possible. 


Before each workshop :

You will receive the zoom meeting link and login code so you can join the workshop