Milky, The Book

Follow Marnie and Marlowe on their milky adventures as they explore the world of breastfeeding and pumping, and learn more about all the different milk-making journeys. And most excitingly meet Milky, their new superhero friend and find her on every page.

This inclusive book is aimed to teach young children about breastfeeding and pumping. It helps to normalise all aspects of milk-making, and to celebrate the people who are working so very hard to provide breastmilk to their infants. It is beautifully illustrated by Agnes Saccani, with colourful and exciting artwork to accompany the rhyming story of Milky, written by Maria Betsworth.

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Maria Betsworth is a London-based German mama of two little girls. She works as an IBCLC supporting mothers online and in London running breastfeeding cafés and events. Maria has experienced two very different milky journeys, one being an exclusively pumping journey for 12 months and one breastfeeding journey for 3.5 years. With ‘Milky’ she wants to normalise all aspects of infant feeding, celebrate the many milk-making stories and most of all create a community in which milk-making is accepted and respected.


Agnes Saccani is a Hungarian freelance illustrator based in Italy. Milky is her first illustrated picture book. She loves to tell stories through cute and funny characters and aims to create illustrations that help kids fall in love with books. Her inspiration comes from cartoons, animated movies, childhood memories, nature, and other artists in the industry. You can find more of her work at