Infant feeding workshop for neurodivergent children/families

 This workshop covers all your questions on breastfeeding/bottle feeding /pumping for neurodivergent children and or  Parents.

This unique workshop is an opportunity to share your individual journeys, connect with others and to find solutions that work on an individual basis for your child or yourself.


The workshop includes:

- how does infant feeding a neurodivergent child differ 

- changes of routines 

- nap times/ bedtimes and sleep routines 

- going back to work and introducing childcare settings

- meeting emotional/ sensory/ activity needs when implementing night time weaning or new routines

- bottle feeding / pumping 

- neurodivergent parents 


Before each workshop :

You will receive the zoom meeting link and login code so you can join the workshop

After each each workshop: 

You will receive the recorded version of the zoom meeting as well as the presentation.