Every Drop Means Growth Phone Grip
Every Drop Means Growth Phone Grip

Every Drop Means Growth Phone Grip

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 ‘Every drop means growth’ phone grip 

It comes with a peel off self-adhesive glue back. Which can be taken off and reapplied at any time. It pops out and folds down. It can be applied to all mobile devices and tablets and can be used as photo grip, tablet grip, media stand or cord wrap.




Every time this milk flows, every single drop matters

It means you are growing , you are learning, your are thriving,

And baby is too growing, learning and thriving because of YOU.

Every drop means growth, it means you mastered an other task, filled an other tummy or bottle.

Every drop means you made it an other day

Every drop counts and it is precious

And every drop means that you and baby are growing ... together ... through this beautiful bond, through all the hardship and the hours you put into learning all there is about milk making, through the hours of pumping, sleepless night, endless nursing...

every drop means growth...