Not The End Of Your Love - Phone Grip
Not The End Of Your Love - Phone Grip
Not The End Of Your Love - Phone Grip

Not The End Of Your Love - Phone Grip

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This ‘Not the End of your Love’  phone grip 

It comes with a peel off self-adhesive glue back. It pops out and folds down. It can be applied to all mobile devices and tablets and can be used as photo grip, tablet grip, media stand or cord wrap.


This design is to mark and celebrate the end of a milk-making journey and the complexity this may bring with it. An often forgotten part of milk-making is how difficult the last feeds/are pumps can be and what emotional roller coaster this may entail.

With this design I want to recognise  the beauty of this journey, the time that has gone into understanding and learning all there is to learn about milk-making, the growth and acheivment of it all, and the hardship that is understanding that this time is/was precious.


And most importantly is is to remind you that:


the end of this chapter is NOT the end of your love’


The pin comes with a small card that reads :

The end of this chapter is not the end of your love,
The last drops might have flown between you, 
but this mothering journey is still so new.
 Celebrate the mountains you have moved along this way,
and never forget the precious memories will forever stay.
Oh, how bittersweet is ending this chapter together,
but you will remain an incredible mother forever.”