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This  recorded workshop includes a link to 1 of the 4 workshops I am currently running. Please find the description of each below.


* Breastfeeding friendly bottle feeding workshop 

* Antenatal Milk-Making Preparation workshop 

* Pumping workshop 

* Weaning off the breast workshop 

*Combination feeding  

With this purchase you will receive the link to the Live recording PLUS a  presentation on the topic.


This is a LIVE recording of the workshops  held via zoom, for confidentiality reasons only the main presentation is recorded not the Q&A part of the workshop.


Please leave the course name of your choice  in the “note” section when purchasing this course.



 Course content of the workshops:


Breastfeeding friendly bottle feeding Workshop :

This 60 minute workshop teaches everything you need to know about bottle feeding.

the course content includes 

  • What is breastfeeding friendly bottle-feeding?
  • How to safely bottle feed
  • Paced bottle feeding 
  • Responsive bottle feeding
  • Introducing the bottle 
  • Avoiding the top up trap and persevering a steady milk supply 




Antenatal Milk-Making Preparation Workshop:

This 60 minutes  workshop is for all my bumpilicious people to be and offers everything you need to know and prepare for your milk-making adventure. Wether or not this is your first or your subsequent pregnancy just is a great preparation to milk-making everything you need to know about bottle .

the course content includes : 

  • latch and attachment 
  • The first few days 
  • birth and belly births 
  • what to expect 
  • normal newborn behaviours 
  • milk-making troubleshooting




Pumping Workshop:

This 60 minutes  workshop teaches everything you need to know about pumping.

the course content includes:

  • Pumping 101
  • Why,  when, how?
  • The right fitting pump and pumping setting.
  • Pumping trouble shooting 
  • Building a milk stash 
  • milk storage 




Weaning off the breast Workshop :

 This 60 minutes workshop covers all your questions on stopping breastfeeding or pumping whether that is partially or fully, certain times like nap times or bedtimes, I am here to support you through it.

the course  content includes: 

  • Gentle weaning practice 
  • stopping milk production safely 
  • managing emotional and physical changes after stopping breastfeeding 
  • night time weaning 
  • nap time weaning 
  • part time weaning 
  • going back to work full time /part time weaning