Breastfeeding friendly bottle feeding Workshop

Milk-Making Support

Come and join me on Friday the 5th of March from 10:00-11:00am GMT via Zoom meeting. This workshop provides an in depth perspective on bottle feeding. There is a large margin of information to bottle feeding and how to conduct it safely than what meets the eye. These sessions are beneficial to anyone regardless of how their baby is being fed.

These sessions are great to :

  • Teach you the concept of paced bottled feeding and/or responsive bottle feeding.
  • How to introduce the bottle safely.
  • How to make bottle feeding as breastfeeding friendly as possible.
  • How to avoid top up traps as well as maintaining a steady milk supply whilst bottle feeding.
  • Offer the opportunity to ask questions for individual cases.

Before each workshop :

You will receive the zoom meeting link and login code so you can join for the workshop