Mind Your Own Bs Enamel Pin
Mind Your Own Bs Enamel Pin

Mind Your Own Bs Enamel Pin

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This hard enamel pin measures 3 cm / 1.1 inch and comes with two pink rubber backings.

The Mind Your Own Bs enamel pin is part of the "Mind Your Own Bs Campaign". 

The Mind Your Own Bs campaign is designed to empower mothers in their mothering choices. To create a space where all mothering choices matter and are accepted and respected.

It is time to put an end to unsolicited advice and rude comments about all things B! Bed, Body, Birth, Boobs, Bottle, Baby,...

Because they are simply your BUSINESS!

Just because your gave birth, you should not suddenly be under interrogation, receive judgement or criticism for the way you choose to parent your child. You are the mother and you know what is best for your baby.

This campaign is all about supporting each other through this new journey called motherhood, embracing the ups and downs, reconnecting with our changing bodies and helping each other grow.

To everyone else we say...

Mind Your Own Bs!

Share your story using #MindYourOwnBs